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Computer Management Services in Morris, IL

Do you have a phone, tablet or computer that needs repaired? Whether it's your phone or computer that you need repaired, rely on the experts at Crack No More of Morris, IL to get you all fixed up. They are more than capable of fixing your smart devices, screen, charger port, battery and more. On top of our repair services we sell phones, accessories for your mobile phones and tablets. You can also come to Cracked No More to get computer software training and take advantage of our professional testing center. They also offer computer management services for business where they can remotely trouble-shoot computer issues for your company and do offer house-calls.

Our Services:

  • Cell Phone Hardware and Software Repair
  • Cell Phone Screen Repair
  • Cell Phone Speaker Repair
  • Charger Port Repair
  • Laptop and Computer Repair
  • Prepaid Cell Phone Services
  • Smartphone Hardware and Software Repair
  • Smartphone Screen and Glass Repair
  • Tablet Screen and Glass Repair
  • Software Training Courses
  • Professional Testing Center
  • Remote Computer Support for your business


  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Cell Phone and Smartphone Cases
  • Cell Phone and Tablet Accessories
  • Cell Phone Batteries
  • Chargers
  • Headphones
  • iPhone Accessories
  • Phone Covers
  • Screen Protectors